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Singletouch is an enterprise job control platform. It targets Sub Contractors that require excellent controls for Time and Material billing and Material management. Using our Windows platform, you have a comprehensive view of projects from start to finish, establishing at the outset the variables that impact the success of the job and then mapping field captured data from our mobile and terminal products to the appropriate integrated job cost control center within the application. Every day, operations can review and report on the variables that minimize risk for both the contractor and their customer, from the start of the project.


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KADE Solutions is a different kind of construction software consulting firm.

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KADE Solutions' construction consultants strive to assist firms within the construction industry to better understand and evaluate their performance, while also helping to improve their overall business processes. KADE provides all of our customers with an end to end consulting approach, while offering our clients fully integrated construction software solutions to set new standards in quality, value and cost-efficiency
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