Singletouch Office is the backbone of our Enterprise Software Platform.

Singletouch Office is the control center of the Singletouch workflow software platform. From Office application, users can access all modules of the Enterprise system, manage productivity, track costs and revenue, purchase materials or services and much more.





  • Job Setup
  • Higher margins – Real-time tracking of costs and revenues
  • Project Controls
  • Improved cash flow – Less time to invoice with fewer errors and rejected invoices
  • Human Resources
  • Streamlined– Less time re-entering data means processes without bottlenecks
  • Rate Sheets and Pricing
  • Competitive Advantage – More satisfied customers with better reporting and improved accuracy
  • Material Catalog
  • Visibility – See the entire operation from one reporting system and distribute information automatically
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Equipment and Fleet Management
  • Reporting
  • Import/Export


This Windows-based centralized database, where our control centers live, was carefully designed by contractors who understand the realities of field operations and the required functionality that workflow software needs in place. Unlike accounting software that so much of the construction industry still relies on to try to manage operations, Singletouch construction management software follows the flow of information from the field where the transactions occur into the main office where the data is controlled and processed in our Enterprise system. Data is captured in the field and digitized, eliminating the clumsy, time-consuming manual processes and transcription errors that cause billing delays, jeopardize customer satisfaction and threaten profitability.

Singletouch Office integrates seamlessly with any accounting system that has general ledger, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Unlike the pen-and-paper and spreadsheet-based methods you’ve relied on until now, information gathered by Singletouch’s advanced Enterprise applications are accurate, up to date and instantly routed into your existing back-office accounting system, regardless of where in the world the job site is. For workflow software, Singletouch’s Office is the best Enterprise system in the world.

Our Enterprise platform allows you to build custom material catalogs and pricing for all of your business’s employees, your customers and jobs. It also provides a full reporting package for all job functions in your organization, with custom or standard reports available at the click of a button. Other Enterprise applications for construction companies may only provide limited reporting functionality which can cause delays in workflow.

Singletouch Office handles multi-location inventory (including trucks), distribution operations and procurement as well as project controls, customer cost control, time, material, equipment, tools and all personnel activities. Our advanced workflow software allows total control over inventory and materials management which you just don’t find with other Enterprise systems.

Control labor resources and time and attendance functions using Singletouch Terminal, or give your field crews access to the platform in disconnected mode so that they can effectively control projects from anywhere using Singletouch Mobile. Our diverse Enterprise application provides the necessary components that a construction company requires to maintain optimal workflow while using one of the best Enterprise systems available for construction business.

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