Singletouch Terminal is a touchscreen application that lets your workforce, large or small, quickly record their attendance onsite while in the field.

Singletouch Terminal is a touch screen application designed to track time and attendance of site employees by the use of work station software. Field personnel select their foreman or supervisor when swiping in at the beginning of a shift, then swipe out at the end of their shift. This process automates time entry for long term projects (+6 mo.) on sites with large number of field personnel (+30 employees)




  • Foreman or Supervisor select mode
  • Fewer Disputed Invoices – Each employee is assigned an in and out time reducing disputed invoices related to labor
  • Secure time in and out of site
  • Improved Safety Auditing– Know exactly how many people are onsite automatically
  • Time and Attendance reporting
  • Field Accountability – Creates back-up for payroll information.
  • Employee ID card printing
  • Competitive Advantage – More satisfied customers with better reporting and improved accuracy
  • Each terminal supports up to 50 employees
  • Eliminates Time Entry Bottlenecks – Time entry is streamlined due to existing scan data used to create time tickets.
  • Operates in disconnected mode
  • Automatically synchronizes
  • Customizable in/out modes


It can be deployed anywhere you need to capture time and attendance for workers in the field, in your office or in a shop environment.

When employees arrive at work, they simply swipe an ID card through a reader and the system records the time they arrived. They can also select a foreman or manager via the touchscreen, greatly simplifying data entry for your supervisory people. At the end of the workday, employees swipe the ID card again to signal they have left the site. Construction workers’ hours are easily captured and cataloged within the project, easing labor tracking and generation of time tickets for both foremen and project managers. At the click of a button, a foreman can log in to Singletouch Office to view all the workers on the project, review time in and out, and streamline the time-entry process. Having this information readily accessible is an important feature for safety on the jobsite. Consider that in case of an emergency or evacuation on a jobsite, contractors need to be able to account for every single worker on the site.

On a large project, this may amount to hundreds of people. Many contractors use spreadsheets and handwritten notes to try and manage this requirement but Singletouch Terminal offers a better way with a report that is generated right out of the platform at the click of a button.

As with our entire Enterprise Construction Software platform, Singletouch Terminal supports union, non-union and mixed workplaces, removing the complexity and confusion of managing countless different pay scales.

This economical construction management tool is an effective way to capture and control labor, adding extended functionality to the core application, Singletouch Office, which is required to use Singletouch Terminal and Singletouch Mobile.

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