Viewpoint Vista Construction Software

Viewpoint Construction Software offers a wide range of products focused on the construction industry.  KADE Solutions consultants help our clients with implementation, customization, and training of Viewpoint Construction software.  




  • A thorough analysis of your company's current construction software processes,
  • Identifying any inefficiencies in Project Management, Accounting and Operations workflow and 
  • Recommendations on how to attain greater efficiency and workflow with KADE's consulting and Enterprise Software Solutions.
  • Project management of Viewpoint Construction Software Implementation
Custom Report Development  
  • WIP reporting, Financial reports, and other key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard reports
  • Customization of Crystal Reports
  • Customization of SQL SSRS Reports
  • Customization of Excel reporting pulling data from the Viewpoint database
Accounting & HR  
  • Streamlined data capture – Automatically capture the data from operations and feed into a single database where real-time reporting shows exactly how your business is performing.
Project Management and Operations  
  • Role Based Management - Improve operational efficiencies, streamline processes and eliminate double entry leading to more profitable projects.
Resource Management  
  • Real-time Visibility – Gain real-time visibility into resource needed, what's available, where they are located and the ability to reschedule those resources accordingly.
Service Management  
  • Grow your Service Business – Maintain a profit while growing your service business
Field Management  
  • Seamless Integration – Designed for field employees to easily enter crew or their own time; record equipment hours and quickly and accurately enter and track production hours and units on smart phones and tablets.
Enterprise Content Management  
  • Scalable - Vista includes a scalable enterprise content management solution that reduces costs and overhead by automating workflows as well as documnet capture, indexing and archiving.
Productivity and Analysis  
  •  Fexibility - Flexible reports, professional financial statements and graphical dashboards work seamlessly to translate data into knowledge.
  • Save time - Estimating provides increased speed and accuracy throughout your bidding process so you save time on paperwork, and acheieve greater overall efficiancy and cost savings.
Project Collaberation  
  •  Improved Collaberation - Drawings, documents, email, and contracts need to be shared quickly among all stakholders, and the most effective way to accomplish that is with integrated project collaboration software.

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