Who in your organization should choose the right ERP solution for your construction company?

Posted by Marty Hilsenteger on Dec 2, 2016 6:24:39 PM

Genreally, it is the CFO or Controller that is charged with selecting the comany's next Enterrpise software solution. This makes sense since the decision is usually seen as an accounting product therefore the most logical person to make this decision is the one responsible for accounting. I certainly agree the accounting lead should be heavily involved in the decision but they should never do it in isolation. The reason is simple. The success of the implementation rests with the Operations team's willingness to adopt new workflow and technology. If the operations team is not involved in the selection and it is left to the accounting team to implement it the likelihood of success drops dramatically. This is because the Operations team will see it as an accounting project and solution and will often buck the implementation at every opportunity because it represents change and heart ache and will only benefit accounting. If you want the ERP implementation to be a major success for the company it must be seen as the CEO or President's project and all the major functional players in the company must be involved. When most implementations fail is during the implementation of modules purchased for non accounting usage. This can be the HR module that the HR Manager has never seen until they are being asked to integrate it, or the Fleet module that has less tools than the current stand alone fleet software. It must be seen as a company wide solution and each functional group must approve the selection and own the implementation as a team. Leaving an ERP selection and implementation to the CFO to do in isolation of the Operations personnel will increase the implementation failure risk substantially. It also has the potential to tear your organization apart and further polarize the Accounting team from the Operations team. I have seen it many times and the outcome is quite predictable.

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